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Camino de santiago

Camino route planner

Your Camino experience is unique.
your Camino Plan should be too.
1600+ Camino Guide Variations.
Camino GuideBook Planner
Average Time Spent Planning a Camino Trip with Camino Route Planner.
Time saved for Camino planning

 10 minutes 

Average Time Spent Planning a Camino Trip without Camino Route Planner.

 112 hours 

Money spent on the Camino
Average Amount Spent on Planning Resources without Camino Route Planner.

 $103 USD 

Assuming your value your time at $8/hr
this Custom Camino Guide Will Save You $951
Plus it is really Cool and Delivers The Critical Camino planning Information You Need!

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Other Camino Resources

Camino de Santiago Gear
Books about the Camino
Camino Maps and Camino Guide Books
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CAMINO Stories

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

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Learn from the journey of others

Our Camino de Santiago blog is open to other pilgrims who want to share more about their journey including tips and tricks that helped them stay moving every day. If you would like to be a guest writer on our blog, make sure to contact us before submitting your article. Or if you'd like to write along the journey, we will host your entire pilgrimage. 

Camino Blog
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