Camino de Santiago Route Planner

Configure Your unique Camino experience

This eBook is generated uniquely for you based on your answers to these questions. It takes all the factors for your preferred Camino de Santiago hiking style and puts them into a custom plan that you want. This saves you dozens of hours of Camino planning and gives you key insights into the ideal packing list. Questions you will be asked will be based on your budget, timeline, preferred accommodation options, popular attractions, and more! There are thousands of data points you will have to shift through which can now easily be avoided. This method is the best alternative to travel agencies and helps you plan your ideal Camino experience. Want to know what is even better? We update the data all the time so you can be certain you are getting a book with the most up to date information about everything!





Bonus content in the camino de santiago route guide

  • Packing List Guide (based on your gender)

  • Blister Kit List

  • Before you go tips

  • How to get to the start of the Camino de Santiago

  • Places to visit before and after the Camino

  • Preparing for Post Camino Life

This Camino planning tool will be completely free for all of 2021. In the future, there will be a small fee for each custom Camino guidebook starting in 2022. We want to make sure to collect as much feedback on the Camino de Santiago guidebook. This fee helps make the planning tool better and better. There is a lot of work to keep the data up to date so that all the pilgrims can quickly plan their ideal trip. The tool cuts the average Camino planning time for first-time pilgrims from 40 hours to 10 minutes. F

There will be a book version available in 2022 that has all the possible combinations to allow you to see all the route options. We suggest that you still use our Camino de Santiago route planning tool to narrow down the options meeting all your criteria. 

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Camino de Santiago Map

We have created a simple 33-day route planning map with the suggested places to stop using most common options. Take a look at the map and distances between each stage of the Camino de Santiago. 



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