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The majority of pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago decide to walk along the Camino Frances which starts just over the border in Southern France. That is where this map begins to accommodate the vast majority of pilgrims walking the entire route. Scroll through each of the sections to view highlighted areas. Each section is based on the most common stopping points that pilgrims decide to find accommodation. There are frequently locations between these points listed on this map for you to stop for coffee, food, water, and sleeping accommodations. 

To help your planning, this map has been broken into major sections. Click any of the section links to jump to a location along with the Camino de Santiago map. By breaking the trail into sections, you will be able to modify your walking days and time your overall journey correctly. If you need to arrive in Santiago at a specific date and still want the flexibility to adjust your daily stops, thinking of the Camino by sections helps. Just make sure to reach your section ending by your desired date and adjust your walking days accordingly. 

Getting to the beginning of the Camino Frances Trail is included in all of our versions of the Camino route building tool.

This is a 33-day trek of the stops along the Camino de Santiago.

Trail Section 1: St Jean Pied de Port - Pamplona

Trail Section 2: Pamplona - Navarette

Trail Section 3: Navarette - Leon

Trail Section 4: Leon - Sarria

Trail Section 5: Sarria - Santiago

In 2021, a new guidebook will be released that is created by your unique selections.

Custom Camino Itinerary and Route Planning Tool

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Camino Frances Starting Location


~ 26 km

Travel Tips:

Your first day walking will be physically demanding. This is one of the few days where you will need to pack a little more water and food than you will for the rest of the trip. There is one-stop 5 km up the Pyrenees mountains that you could stay the night. However, you will need to book in advance because there are limited beds. We suggest walking all the way to Roncesvalles because your legs are fresh and your mind is energetic at the beginning of the journey. There are water stops and some vendors that park their vehicles to sell snacks and drinks along the day. Ideally, pack at least 2 liters of water and 1500 calories of food. The day is mostly uphill.


~ 22 km

Travel Tips:

You had a tough day walking the previous day and this one will give you a little break. You won't have to carry as much water or food anymore so don't keep carrying the weight. Unless you are in the summer months, you can reduce your water weight down to 1.5 liters due to the fact that there are bars/restaurants frequently enough. Not only will you have less elevation change, but you also reduce your distance by 4km. For those who use miles, that is 13.75 miles. In general, this will be the typical distance you walk each day.


~ 22 km

Travel Tips:

You will be headed to Pamplona which is one of the most historical cities along the Camino Frances. If you have plenty of time on the Camino, you might want to consider staying in this city for one more day. By this point, you may have made some friends and might decide to get a small group to split a private hotel room with 4+ beds in it. That way you can stay out past the typical 10PM curfew that most Alberques have. However, if you plan to stay out late, you should be willing to stay in Pamplona another day. 

Puente La Reina

~ 24 km

Travel Tips:

You will see ridges full of windmills in the distance as you walk through sunflower and wheat fields. One of the most common spots for a photo will be along this section of the trail. Metal cutouts of pilgrims at the top of a large hill with beautiful views of the valley below. 


~ 21.5 km

Los Arcos

~ 22 km

Travel Tips:

Just a couple km outside of Estella is the famous Camino wine fountain. 


~ 28 km

Travel Tips:

You might prefer to stop in Viana which is 18km from Los Arcos. 


~ 12 km

Travel Tips:

Navarrete is a beautiful place to take a rest after a shorter day walking. 


~ 22 km

Travel Tips:

Be ready to take some photos while walking through the vineyards!


~ 23 km

Villafranca Montes de Oca

~ 28 km

Cardeñuela Riopico

~ 24.5 km

Travel Tips:

Enjoy the first part of your day walking through the forest.


~ 25 km

Travel Tips:

Make sure to visit the Cathedral in Burgos. The architecture is stunning. There is also a cute square nearby where you might consider stopping to eat a meal. I suggest getting up early to walk so that you can spend some time in Burgos before finishing your day.


~ 30 km


~ 25 km

Travel Tips:

You are walking through the Meseta which has minimum shade options. It can be really hot with direct sunlight. Bring a little extra water and try to cover your skin with thin fabrics. Long sleeve breathable fabric would be a good idea.

Carrión de los Condes

~ 20 km

Terradillos de los Templarios

~ 25 km

Travel Tips:

Bring plenty of water because there are fewer villages in between. 

Bercianos del Real Camino

~ 24 km

Mansilla de las Mulas

~ 27 km


~ 19 km

Travel Tips:

There is a lot of walking through industrial areas and along busy roads this day. Once you are inside the city, it is pretty cool, but the walk into and out of Leon is not always the most pleasant. 

Villar de Mazarife

~ 21 km

Travel Tips:

There is a lot of walking on the pavement this day. In fact, for nearly half the day you will be walking on hard surfaces. If your feet are in bad shape, you will likely have to just be extra careful to listen to your body.


~ 31 km

Travel Tips:

Get ready for the transition from the Meseta (full of sun and dry) to Galacia (typically rainy). 


~ 26 km


~ 27 km

Travel Tips:

You will have wonderful views and in about 2km you will see the Cruz de Ferro which is a symbolic place on the Camino Francés where people leave rocks, shells, letters, and other special items. 

Villafranca de Bierzo

~ 24 km

O Cebreiro

~ 28 km

Travel Tips:

The end of the day is going to be difficult due to the steep elevation change. There is actually a horse service at the bottom if you want to horseback ride up. O Cebreiro is the site of a Eucharistic miracle. 


~ 20 km


~ 25.5 km

Travel Tips:

Once you arrive in Sarria, you will see a large increase in the number of pilgrims since it is the starting place for the minimum distance from Santiago to receive the Compostela (basically a certificate). Be ready to need a little more patience and remember what it was like on your first day of the Camino. 


~ 22 km

Palas de Rei

~ 25 km


~ 29 km

O Pedrouzo

~20  km

Santiago de Compostela

~ 20 km

Travel Tips:

You have almost reached the end of the Camino de Santiago! Similar to Leon, you will be walking through a good amount of more populated areas with higher traffic. Luckily there are plenty of cafe locations along the way if you want to take it easy. 


~ 87 km

Travel Tips:

You will obviously be splitting this section into 3-5 days of walking. It's a common bonus section to the ocean. 


Custom Camino Itinerary

This 33-day itinerary is not necessarily the best set of options for each pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. Every pilgrim has different preferences when it comes to their ideal Camino experience which is why we created a Camino guide that is customized to your preferences. It is a culmination of all of the stops on the Camino Frances, takes your preferences from the results of a quiz, and provides your custom Camino guidebook. If you don't want the custom guide book, you can get the entire guidebook and plan the individual stages yourself. 



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