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Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp

Black Diamond's Storm 400 is engineered for epics in all conditions, featuring a robust waterproof/dustproof housing and 400 lumens of bright light. With a new, compact body, the Storm 400 is more ergonomic, and the updated user interface includes a secondary switch for easy mode selection.

Typical Price:


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  • Lightweight

  • Red Light Option for Albergue

  • Reliable

"I'm an avid caver, hiker and urban explorer. All of these hobbies mean I need a headlamp and my first was a Black Diamond ReVolt. It died about a month ago so I replaced it with this particular model of Black Diamond's headlamps. That being said both of them have gone through A LOT of tough love and they keep on ticking. They've been dropped onto concrete floors, banged into cave walls, submerged in icy Minnesota water, left in both freezing and boiling hot cars and filled with sand. Through all of that and then some these headlamps have kept working while looking great. I'll never buy another brand of headlamp, Black Diamond's where it's at."

product Weight:

5.6 Ounces

reason to purchase for the camino:

There are plenty of options for the Camino de Santiago when it comes to headlamps. This is a good option because of its reliability, reputation, comfort, and the fact that it has a red light option. You will need the red light if you are going to be in the Albergue at night or leaving early. Don't be the person that turns on all the lights at 6 AM just so you can pack you bag.

Budget friendly alternatives:


About the gear list Curator

It's always good to know who is designing an optimized backpacking list since you should be getting information from experienced backpackers that have not only done wilderness backpacking, but also the Camino itself. There are distinct differences between wilderness backpacking (i.e. Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail) and then walking the Camino de Santiago. 

About the Camino Gear List Curator:

Caleb has hiked the entire Camino Frances in the fall of 2016 and has done many wilderness hikes along the Appalachian Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, Machu Pichu, and other smaller week-long treks. His hiking style tends to be a lightweight backpacker rather than an ultralight backpacker. His pack base weight for wilderness thru-hikes tend to be around 15-18 pounds rather than ultralight backpacking weighing below 10 pounds. He also does not recommend the base pack weight above 22 pounds. In general, the Camino is unique because you can cut out some heavy pack items such as a tent and substitute more hygiene products or clothing. The Camino is different from other thru-hikes since it has higher hygiene expectations in it's hiking culture. This list allows for a handful of luxury items and targets the necessities for a Camino hike. If you are planning on doing the Camino in the winter or the Primativo, make sure to read the description of each product to see if you should get it in those circumstances.

Camino Pilgrim Packing List
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