Camino maps and guides

maps and guides for the camino de santiago

As you discover the best routes that you would like to take, make sure to look through different maps and guides in order to determine which route will be the best for you. Most people walk the French Way, but there may be others that you would also like to walk. Each path has different pilgrimage and tourist spots you might want to check out. At the very least, keep a good map in your backpack.

Moon Camino de Santiago Guide

Moon Camino de Santiago Guide

Moon Camino de Santiago is designed to help you explore this legendary route at your own pace. With a mix of inspiration and practical tips, this guide offers essential knowledge on when to go, what to bring, and where to start. Whether you’re walking, biking, or driving the Camino, author Beebe Bahrami allows you to travel deeper with insightful sidebars on local history and culture.



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