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The Way of the Cross and Struggle for Holiness

The Way of the Cross follows a young pilgrim walking along the Camino de Santiago as he carried a large wooden cross 550 miles in Northern Spain. He learned about humility, pain, suffering, adventure, compassion and joy through encounters with pilgrims from over 40 different countries. The journey taught him to trust in the Lord, and revealed the lives the Lord can impact through the people that answer his call. Miracles surrounded the cross, but he was completely oblivious to what was happening around him. All the while, evil attacked, attempting to stray him from the true path.

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  • Paperback

  • Kindle Version Available


"Caleb's story is beautiful and inspiring. There is something every person can relate to in it. It is incredibly raw and honest. It was a quick read for me because I could not put it down. I especially loved reading about his moving encounters with the many people he met along the way. If you are interested in walking the Camino or simply learning about the culture of it, this book gives a wonderful taste of the overall experience. You will not regret purchasing it!" - Victoria

"This is an exceptional book! You are immediately drawn into a compelling narrative that keeps you engaged until the very end. It is an amazing story told in a captivating way. You are not hidden from the physical or emotional challenges of such a journey. Whether you are religious or not, spiritual or not, it will inspire!" - Thomas

"Engaging, raw and real" - John

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