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Mercy and Grace

“Sometimes it’s doing the thing that terrifies you that really helps you grow.”These words, spoken in love by a friend, motivated 300-pound Cathleen Booth off her couch and onto the Camino de Santiago. Cathleen’s physical limitations quickly shattered any illusions of self-sufficiency and pride. On a muddy mountainside in Spain - at her most vulnerable - Cathleen would experience from her friend a self-sacrificial love that would ultimately change her from the inside out. Equal parts humor, humility, and heart, Mercy & Grace on the Camino de Santiago invites the reader on deeply intimate and human spiritual journey.

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  • Paperback

  • Kindle Version Available


"I very rarely write reviews on here. I usually just read my books, give stars and then move on to the next book. However, reading Mercy & Grace on the Camino de Santiago and not giving a review would be a disservice to the thoughtfulness and love that went into writing this memoir." - Mary

"What a wonderful book this was! I was eagerly awaiting its delivery and I absolutely devoured it soon as I unwrapped it. To be able to walk the steps of The Camino as she did was an amazing journey of faith and perseverance! I’ll for sure get our CWOC book study group to look at it and pass it along with those near and dear to me. Buen Camino!" -J

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