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Camino de Santiago Route Planner

plan Your unique Camino experience

This Camino de Santiago Route Planner eBook is generated uniquely for you based on your answers to specific questions. It takes all the factors for your preferred Camino de Santiago hiking style and puts them into a custom plan that you want. This saves you dozens of hours of Camino planning plus gives you key insights into the ideal packing list and other necessary details to work out. Questions being asked will be based on your budget, timeline, preferred accommodation options, popular attractions, and more! There are thousands of data points you would normally have to sort through which can now easily be avoided through AI-based web route planning tools. This method is the best alternative to travel agencies and helps you plan your ideal Camino experience. Want to know what is even better? We update the data all the time so you can be certain you are getting a book with the most up to date information about everything!

What's Included?

Custom Route Plan

  • Custom Camino Route Plan

  • Specific Albergues to stay at which fit your preferred criteria

  • Your unique Camino stages

What's Inclued in Camino Guide Book

Camino Planning Guide Book

  • Camino Packing List Guide

    • Ultralight, Lightweight, and Heavy Packing Loadouts​

  • Blister Kit List (custom with what works!)

  • Before you go tips

  • How to get to the start of the Camino de Santiago

    • Flights​

    • Trains

    • Bus

    • Lodging

  • Places to visit before and after the Camino

    • Popular destinations that are on your way​

  • Preparing for Post Camino Life

    • Coping with life after a major adventure

    • Community support

    • Ways to incorporate the lessons you learned.

How it works


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How this Tool Saves you Money

Average Time Spent Planning a Camino Trip with Camino Route Planner.

 10 minutes 

Average Time Spent Planning a Camino Trip without Camino Route Planner.

 112 hours 

Average Amount Spent on Planning Resources without Camino Route Planner.

 $103 USD 

Assuming your value your time at $8/hr
this Custom Camino Guide Will Save You $951
Plus it is really Cool and Delivers The Critical Camino Planning Information You Need!


Every pilgrim needs a good Camino Route Planning solution which is why we are giving away our tool for free! During your questionnaire, you will get asked if you are willing to make a donation to help pay it forward. This donations is the only way we are able to keep this tool available. If you don't know what to donate, we suggest donating a minimum of $2 which covers the cost to deliver the customer Camino Route Planner for 1 person.


See the Camino Guide Book Difference

Let us know your thoughts about the Camino route planner!

Camino de Santiago Map

We have created a simple 33-day route planning map with the suggested places to stop using the most common options. Take a look at the map and distances between each stage of the Camino de Santiago. 

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